OutKast reunited for the first this past weekend at the Coachella music festival and it was as great as you think it would be. 

Photos: adamkissick for NPR

Jimmy Fallon’s Music Schtick is Getting Old

By Alex Jenkins

Am I the only one who’s thoroughly annoyed by Jimmy Fallon’s music spoofs.  I think it started with his old school hip hop medley with Justin Timberlake.  Ever since then, it’s like he can’t stop.

I get that he loves music, and especially black music.  But he has no musical talent, and these bits aren’t funny.  The last straw was when he tried to re-create all the hip hop dances with Will Smith, and he was off-beat on almost all of the dances.

I’m not totally sure what the angle is supposed to be, but the vibe I get is one of pure self-indulgence.